Monday, January 25, 2016

Eyes on the Road (3)

In my first two posts, we talked about the need for us to NOT look backwards as we strive to move forward, and also to avoid distractions as we go. Just in case you missed both posts, here are the links:

In this post, we'll be learning about obstacles and no, there's no 'driving-in-Lagos' experience to go along with this lesson.Instead, we'll be relating it to hurdles - the sport, which is a form of obstacle racing. 

Before we proceed, what really is an obstacle? According to the Oxford Dictionary, an obstacle is:

"a thing that blocks one's way or hinders progress"

Obstacles, like distractions, come in various forms. They can be physical, economic, political or even cultural. And while we all agree that obstacles - in whatever form they choose to appear in - can be very detrimental to our progress, we must also realize that they are VERY inevitable. The athletes participating in any hurdles event realizes this and don't bother complaining about the obstacles in their lanes. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be absurd to hear a hurdler lament about having to race with so many obstacles in his way? Isn't that supposed to be the beauty of the sport?

It's quite obvious that the point of a hurdles race is for the athletes to get to the finish line in spite of the hurdles in their way. only athletes who successfully scale every hurdle to get to the finish line can ever hope for a place on the winners' podium. Going under hurdles, side-stepping them or even intentionally knocking them down maybe out of frustration would only get one disqualified.

We won't be celebrated for our ability to accurately pinpoint the location of each obstacle or give a vivid description of the form of the obstacle. No one cares to read your analysis (at least, not until you're at the end of the race) and surely no one has time to feel sorry for you. We all have obstacles of our own to deal with, don't we?

It is also important to note that even when faced with obstacles, in form of hurdles this time, the hurdler keeps his/her eyes NOT on the hurdle but on the goal ahead. It is their ability to maintain such unwavering focus on the primary goal, which is the finish line, that equips them to scale each hurdle. We also nee such unwavering focus in our lives to overcome the obstacles in our way.

So once again, keep your eyes on the road (or should I say track this time), try not to knock hurdles over in frustration, do not slow down more that is necessary because that may affect your momentum. Maintain your focus, step over the obstacle in front of you and prepare for the next one ahead. keep doing this and in no time you're at the finish line.'

Happy running!

Towards a better humanity.

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  1. Timely words! I like the not slowing down and losing momentum part:) thanks!

  2. Indeed no one cares to read your analysis, at least, not until you are at the end of the race. This is so true, thanks Nomnso and keep writing!

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I'll keep writing.